Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years giving good health, healing and spiritual well-being to many.

Flexibility, strength and balance are obvious benefits of yoga practice, but more importantly Yoga is a system that helps us connect more deeply to ourselves. There are plenty of scholarly texts to deepen our understanding of this but it is primarily in the practice where our understanding will truly arrive.

A regular yoga practice will help us to feel more energised as our own health and energy system becomes more available.  This encourages a healthier expression of movement within our spine, stimulating the nervous system, neuro-endocrine, vascular and energetic chakra system.

Our spine is formed around the energetic midline which is first laid down at the beginning of our embryological development. Our midline is where everything orients, and in the yoga tradition it is believed that ultimate union is made possible when we can reside in this place – sushumna.

Over time, and especially since yoga became popular in the west, many different schools and styles of yoga have evolved. It isn’t uncommon nowadays to find the focus mainly placed on the physical aspect. In many ways this is still a good thing for the benefits are great, however, to gain the full benefits of yoga, it is important to find a teacher or school where the intention is to deepen one’s awareness of who we really are.

The potential to awaken through yoga is available to us all. By learning various yoga techniques and maintaining a regular practice, we can deepen our understanding of ourself and access our full potential for health, flexibility, mind-alertness and spiritual awakening.