Group Work

Would you like to join a group of like-minded people on a journey to explore the deeper layers of who you are? To rediscover who you are, when you come into a deeper relationship with your Self, and understand and relate to the parts of you that interface with the world around us…

This is a group to help you explore the fears and defences that have naturally built up along the way. Our Parts learnt to take on patterns to protect us against unsafe connections from before, but are now often patterns that hold us back from being more intimate and fulfilling in our connections today.

Unfortunately most trauma is created in relationships, but equally deep repair and healing can also be created in relationships.

We will go on this journey together guided by the framework of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, and supported by the wisdom of somatic practices and the Polyvagal Theory.

During this group, you will learn the basic framework of the IFS model and how to incorporate these effective principles in your everyday life.

The structure of this group is set up to include guided meditations, journalling, discussions, dyad work, live demonstrations and Q&A’s.

Please get in touch if you would like more details about the format of the group, or if you would like to join one of our groups. You are very welcome.