Why Supervision?

Supervision is a great opportunity to stand back and reflect with another about how you are working with your clients. Taking a step back in this way gives you a fresh perspective. It’s an opportunity to focus and gain insight into your work and relationship with your clients. This will support you to keep your work dynamic and alive.

When you’re working with clients, transference and counter-transference are unavoidable, however it isn’t always easy to see what is going on when you are ‘in it’.  Supervision is the perfect opportunity to process such issues and devise a plan to engage with them differently.

Supervision also provides a space to discuss clinical issues and explore different interventions that may be helpful for you and your clients going forward in sessions together.

I specialise in craniosacral therapy, IFS and body oriented supervision. For many psychotherapists, the body is not prioritised in their training and can be a grey area for them when working with clients. Many have found that supervision from a body oriented supervisor adds a new dimension to their work, giving them a new approach to bring to their clients.