Hello, my name is Elise Parsons. I’m a registered Craniosacral Therapist and Supervisor with the CSTA, Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist (SEP). I’m also certified in various modalities including Integral Somatic Psychology, Shiatsu and Remedial Sports Massage.

I’ve been working with body related therapies since my twenties, and over the last 15 years I’ve been running a successful clinic here in Bath, Somerset.

Alongside my role as a practitioner, I enjoy working in a variety of different settings. I’ve supported craniosacral practitioner trainings, assisted with the Somatic Experience training team and more currently am involved with assisting in the Internal Family Systems training. I’m also a facilitator in various personal IFS development groups.


“I have been having sessions with Elise over the years, and have found them immensely helpful. Elise has a quality of stillness and ease which enables her to be with another person in such a way that she is able to meet them, and the troubled stressful places within, in a way that eases out the tensions and enables deep healing. In the sessions with Elise, I always feel that she gives the time that is required to go deeply into the traumas that are held in the system and such that I have never felt rushed, but rather that I can relax deeply and trust her intuition and skill to to do their work. I feel that Elise has great sensitivity with which she is able to connect and work closely with a person in order to bring out a helpful outcome. I would recommend her very highly.” Kay Baxter, Meditation teacher

“Receiving Craniosacral Therapy from Elise is for your body and soul what a beloved pair of slippers is for your feet. Relaxing, healing and very personal. Elise is a rare therapist because she combines a deep understanding of the body with emotional maturity. You may not understand exactly what she does, or even how, but the results will speak for themselves.” Phil Dawson, Commercial Director

“Working with Elise has been a revelation, rarely have I felt so seen and understood by such a sensitive and skilled practitioner. Thanks to our sessions together my entire system has been re-calibrated towards optimum health and I feel a freedom and release in my body that had been absent or many years.  I really can’t recommend Elise highly enough.” Naomi Seager, Senior Yoga Teacher

“Elise is a truly amazing therapist. She has a bundle of different therapies and modules to offer her patients/clients. She has a highly developed intuition which she uses to determine exactly what one needs. I went to see her with a back problem. I had tried so many other therapies and therapists to no avail, but Elise quickly sorted the problem out for me and it has not returned. I see her now purely for maintenance.” Anne Hassett