Craniosacral Therapy

Why would you try Craniosacral Therapy?

The reasons are various and many, but the common thread which unites us all is a desire to feel better! Perhaps you’re suffering with headaches, chronic pain, stress, insomnia, IBS or chronic fatigue syndrome to name but a few. Whatever the reason may be, it is suffering – often chronic – that will eventually drive you to do something about it.

In Craniosacral Therapy, we recognise and perceive the body not only as an organic biological form, but also as a historical library of information. Every experience you’ve had leaves an impression in both your body and your mind. Unfortunately, for a range of reasons, you may not have been able to process these experiences at the time they happened. They were locked in your body. Over time, they became buried under layers of subsequent experience to such an extent that you may not even remember the original cause. All we become conscious of, is our suffering in the present.

A common example is referred pain where we suffer an injury and then compensate by altering our posture. Our altered posture then puts stress on a different area of the body causing a new pain. Another example is a compression at birth which may lead to skeletal imbalance. Over time, the imbalance may lead to incorrect posture and this is a common cause of many chronic aches and pains that we all experience. Mental distress, trauma and stress make a big impact on us and also leave an imprint on the body that may become buried by subsequent experiences and be the cause of chronic suffering.

As a Craniosacral Therapist I listen to you, and your body, to come to an understanding of the layers of experience that underpin your personal suffering. Sometimes, it’s simple and recent. Often, it’s more complex and the result of long forgotten, subconscious or pre-memory experiences. Through gentle palpation and a light touch, we can support your body’s natural tendency to self-repair and find balance, encouraging the body to release held trauma and tensions to re-establish health as a whole. At the very least you will find it relaxing. In many cases it reduces chronic suffering significantly. In some cases it is transformational.

History of Craniosacral Therapy

The great osteopath, Dr William Sutherland, first coined the term ‘Craniosacral Therapy’ at the beginning of the last century. He experienced the bones in the head as breathing in a rhythmic expression in relation to each other through fluctuations that felt like tides in the body. Breath-like expressions were not a new phenomena and similar experiences had been documented in spiritual texts for thousands of years. It was, however, an exciting discovery and one which connected these expressions to the healing modalities of our time. It has led to the evolution of Craniosacral Therapy as a healing discipline that has become popular across the world.

Possible symptoms of a restricted flow in our system can include:

Headaches & Stress ◆ Neck and Back Pain ◆ Depression ◆ Low energy ◆ Poor Digestion ◆ Chronic Pain ◆ Ringing in the Ears◆ Sleep Disorders ◆ Poor Immune System